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Academic Preparedness: English Certificate
Academic Preparedness: Mathematics Certificate
Administrative Assistant Certificate
Adult Ed: Basic Computer Operations Certificate
Adult Ed: Carpentry Fundamentals Certificate
Adult Ed: Computer Operations for the Workplace Certificate
Adult Ed: Family Child Care Provider Certificate
Adult Ed: Financial Literacy Certificate
Adult Ed: Fire Resilient Landscaping Certificate
Adult Ed: Introduction to Building and Construction Trades Certificate
Adult Ed: Introduction to Landscape Maintenance Certificate
Adult Ed: Introduction to Landscaping I: Plants and Environmental Condition Certificate
Adult Ed: Introduction to Landscaping II: Hardscape and Non-Plant Features Certificate
Adult Ed: Personal Care Attendant Certificate
Adult Ed: Small Business Management Certificate
Adult Ed: Social Media for Business Certificate
Adult Ed: Starting a Small Business Certificate
Adult Ed: Student Success Worker Certificate
Adult Ed: Tax Preparation Certificate
Adult Ed: Teaching and Learning Certificate
Adult Ed: Web-Based Tools and Applications Certificate
Adult Ed: Workforce Preparation Certificate
Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certificate
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Certificate
Advanced Manufacturing Technology: Basic Manual Machine Tool Technology Certificate
Advanced Manufacturing Technology: CNC Machining I Certificate
Advanced Manufacturing Technology: CNC Machining II Certificate
Aerial Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Certificate
Animal Science: Livestock and Equine Management Certificate
Apprenticeship: Plumbing & Pipe Fitting Certificate
Apprenticeship: Plumbing & HVAC/Refrigeration Certificate
Apprenticeship: Roofing Certificate
Art: Applied Photography Certificate
Automation Fundamentals Certificate
Automotive Technology Certificate
Automotive Technology: Brakes, Steering and Suspension Specialist Certificate
Automotive Technology: Electric and Electronic Systems Specialist Certificate
Automotive Technology: Engine Repair Specialist Certificate
Automotive Technology: Mobile Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Certificate
Automotive Technology: Powertrain Systems Performance & Electronics Specialist Certificate
Automotive Technology: Transmission Specialist Certificate
Background Investigation Certificate
Basic Academic Skills Certificate
Basic Arrhythmia Recognition Course Certificate
Basic Police Officer Academy Certificate
Business: Account Clerk and Payroll Certificate
Business: Accountant Assistant Certificate
Business: Banking and Lending Certificate
Business: Bookkeeper Certificate
Business: Enrolled Agent (Tax) Certificate
Business: Entrepreneurship Certificate
Business: Human Resource Administration Certificate
Business: Management Certificate
Business: Marketing Certificate
Business: Real Estate Certificate
Business: Real Estate Sales Certificate
Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate
Child Development: Associate Teacher Certificate
Child Development: Teacher Certificate
Civil Engineering Technology Certificate
Commercial Music Certificate
Computer Studies: Adobe Applications Specialist Certificate
Computer Studies: Adobe Certification Training in Illustrator Certificate
Computer Studies: Adobe Certification Training in InDesign Certificate
Computer Studies: Adobe Photoshop Entry Level Certificate
Computer Studies: Cisco Certification Training in CCNA Certificate
Computer Studies: Game Development Certificate
Computer Studies: Intro to Digital 3D Certificate
Computer Studies: IT Support Certificate
Computer Studies: Linux Administration (LPIC-1) Certificate
Computer Studies: Linux Essentials (LPI Linux Essentials) Certificate
Computer Studies: Microsoft Excel Entry-Level Certificate
Computer Studies: Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate
Computer Studies: Microsoft Word Entry-Level Certificate
Computer Studies: Web and Mobile Front-End Development Certificate
Computer Studies: Web and Multimedia Certificate
Computer Studies: Web Full-Stack Developer Certificate
Construction Management Fundamentals Certificate
Corrections Certificate
Corrections Officer Basic Course Certificate
Culinary Arts Certificate
Culinary Arts: Baking and Pastry Certificate
Culinary Arts: Front House Operations Certificate
Culinary Arts: Restaurant Dining Room Service Certificate
Culinary Arts: Restaurant Management Certificate
Cybersecurity: Network and Systems Security Administration Certificate
Dance: Choreography and Performance Certificate
Dance: Foundations Certificate
Dental Assisting Certificate
Diesel and Heavy Duty Engine (T1 and T2) Certificate
Diesel Chassis (T4 and T5) Certificate
Diesel Electrical/Electronics (T6) Certificate
Diesel Equipment Technology Certificate
Diesel Power Train (T3) Certificate
Diesel Preventative Maintenance (T8) Certificate
Dietary Manager Certificate
Digital Media: 3D Modeling and Animation Certificate
Digital Media: Digital Filmmaking Certificate
Drone Studies: Applied Drone Operation Certificate
Drone Studies: Commercial Drone Certification Certificate
Educator Development Certificate
Electrical Union Apprenticeship Certificate
Electronic Technology Fundamentals Certificate
Emergency Care for First Responders Certificate
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-1) Refresher Certificate
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-Basic) Certificate
EMLS Credit: Advanced English for Academics and Careers Certificate
EMLS Credit: Intermediate English for Academics and Careers Certificate
Environmental Horticulture: Landscape Construction and Maintenance Certificate
Environmental Horticulture: Landscape Design Certificate
Fashion Design Certificate
Fashion Fundamentals Certificate
Fire Science - Company Officer Certificate
Fire Technology Certificate
Firefighter Academy Certificate
Fitness and Health Coach Certificate
Floral Design Certificate
General Education Option A: Local Certificate
General Education Option B: CSU General Education Breadth Requirements Certificate
General Education Option C: Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculu Certificate
Geospatial Technology Certificate
Graphic Design Certificate
Graphic Design Production Fundamentals Certificate
Hemp Agriculture Certificate
Hospitality Management Certificate
Hospitality Management: Meeting and Event Planning Certificate
Industrial Maintenance Fundamentals Certificate
Interior Design Certificate
Interior Design: Fundamentals Certificate
Interior Design: Technical Certificate
Journalism: Digital Certificate
Juvenile Justice Certificate
Law Enforcement Certificate
Law Enforcement Supervisor Techniques Certificate
Mechatronics Fundamentals Certificate
Mechatronics Technician Certificate
Mechatronics: Industrial Maintenance Technician Certificate
Medical Assisting: Administrative and Clinical Certificate
Natural Resources Certificate
Noncredit EMLS: Academic Preparedness and Career Development Certificate
Noncredit EMLS: Basic Interpersonal Communication Certificate
Noncredit EMLS: Foundations of Literacy Skills Certificate
Noncredit EMLS: Intermediate English for Academics and Careers Certificate
Paramedic Certificate
Penal Code 832 Powers of Arrest Certificate
Pest Control Adviser Certificate
Pharmacy Technician Certificate
Pilates Apparatus Instructor Certificate
Pilates Comprehensive Instructor Certificate
Pilates Mat Instructor Certificate
Pilates Reformer Instructor Certificate
Probation Officer Basic Course Certificate
Public Safety Dispatcher Basic Course Certificate
Radiologic Technology Certificate
Residential Electrical Apprenticeship Certificate
Signal Technician Certificate
Social Work and Human Services: Addiction Studies Certificate
Social Work and Human Services: Advocacy Certificate
Social Work and Human Services: Foundations in Recovery and Academic Success Certificate
Surveying Technology Certificate
Sustainable Agriculture Certificate
Theatre Arts: Acting Certificate
Theatre Arts: Advanced Repertory Theatre Certificate
Theatre Arts: Costuming Certificate
Theatre Arts: Makeup Design Certificate
Theatre Arts: Repertory Theatre Certificate
Theatre Arts: Stagecraft Certificate
Theatre Arts: Theatre Management Certificate
Veterinary Technician Certificate
Virtual Production Fundamentals Certificate
Viticulture Certificate
Nursing (ADN) Certificate
Wastewater Operator Certificate
Wastewater Treatment Operations Certificate
Water Distribution Certificate
Water Treatment Certificate
Water Utility Operations Certificate
Welding Technology Certificate
Welding: Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) Certificate
Welding: Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) Certificate
Welding: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Certificate
Welding: Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Certificate
Wine Studies: Enology Certificate
Wine Studies: Wine Cellar Worker Certificate
Wine Studies: Wine Hospitality and Direct Marketing Certificate
Wine Studies: Wine Marketing Certificate
Yoga: 200-Hour Teacher Training Certificate