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Music: Jazz Studies (AA) Music Total Units: 58
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Term Effective: Fall 2017


The Music: Jazz Studies major provides students with the opportunity to earn an Associate in Arts in Music while meeting the typical lower division requirements for a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies at a four-year institution. The major is also designed to prepare students for careers in music performance, composition, publishing, education, and other specializations in the music industry.

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  1. (through music theory) demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic structure of music;
  2. (through musicianship) demonstrate fluency with the language of music in written and aural form;
  3. (through applied music) perform on their instrument (or voice) at college sophomore level;
  4. (through their major performing ensemble) perform effectively in a musical ensemble;
  5. (through piano proficiency) utilize the piano keyboard to demonstrate and apply musical concepts;
  6. (through music history) demonstrate a broad-based understanding of the historical and aesthetic development of music; and
  7. (through jazz improvisation) improvise on standard jazz repertoire.

Program Requirements:

The requirements for the Music: Jazz Studies (AA) program are:

  • Complete 58 units from
    • Music: Jazz Studies Core Requirements
    • Music: Jazz Studies Applied Music Requirements
    • Music: Jazz Studies Performance Requirements
    • Music: Jazz Studies Electives
    • Information Learning Resources Requirement

Music: Jazz Studies Core Requirements - complete 35.00 units
MUSC 2A Introduction to Music Theory3.00
MUSC 2B Diatonic Harmony3.00
MUSC 3A Musicianship 12.00
MUSC 3B Musicianship 22.00
MUSC 4A Jazz, Rock, and Pop Theory 13.00
MUSC 4B Jazz, Rock, and Pop Theory 23.00
MUSC 9 Jazz Appreciation3.00
MUSC 15 Standards Repertoire for the Jazz Musician3.00
Complete any combination totaling at least 9.00 units from the following:
MUSC 5A Jazz Improvisation 13.00
MUSC 5B Jazz Improvisation 23.00
MUSC 5C Jazz Improvisation 33.00
MUSC 5D Jazz Improvisation 43.00
Complete any combination totaling at least 4.00 units from the following:
MUSCP 11A Class Piano 12.00
MUSCP 11B Class Piano 22.00
MUSCP 11C Class Piano 32.00
MUSCP 11D Class Piano 42.00
Music: Jazz Studies Applied Music Requirements - complete 10.00 units
Complete any combination totaling at least 10.00 units from the following:
MUSCP 40.1 Applied Music (Individual Instruction): Piano10.00
MUSCP 40.2 Applied Music (Individual Instruction): Voice10.00
MUSCP 40.3 Applied Music (Individual Instruction): Strings10.00
MUSCP 40.4 Applied Music (Individual Instruction): Woodwind10.00
MUSCP 40.5 Applied Music (Individual Instruction): Brass10.00
MUSCP 40.6 Applied Music (Individual Instruction): Percussion10.00
MUSCP 40.7 Applied Music (Individual Instruction): Guitar10.00
Music: Jazz Studies Performance Requirements - complete 10.00 units
Complete any combination totaling at least 10.00 units from the following:
MUSCP 24A Vocal Jazz Ensemble2.50
MUSCP 24B Vocal Jazz Ensemble2.50
MUSCP 24C Vocal Jazz Ensemble2.50
MUSCP 24D Vocal Jazz Ensemble2.50
MUSCP 32A Jazz Band2.50-4.00
MUSCP 32B Jazz Band2.50-4.00
MUSCP 32C Jazz Band2.50-4.00
MUSCP 32D Jazz Band2.50-4.00
MUSCP 42A Jazz Combo Ensemble2.50
MUSCP 42B Jazz Combo Ensemble2.50
MUSCP 42C Jazz Combo Ensemble2.50
MUSCP 42D Jazz Combo Ensemble2.50
Music: Jazz Studies Electives - complete 2.00 units
Complete any combination totaling at least 2.00 units from the following:
MUSC 50 Introduction to MIDI3.00
MUSCP 17A Elementary Voice2.00
MUSCP 17B Intermediate Voice2.00
MUSCP 19A Beginning Guitar2.00
MUSCP 19B Intermediate Guitar2.00
MUSCP19.1A Classical Guitar 12.00
MUSCP19.1B Classical Guitar 22.00
MUSCP 23A Chamber Singers 12.50
MUSCP 23B Chamber Singers 22.50
MUSCP 23C Chamber Singers 32.50
MUSCP 23D Chamber Singers 42.50
MUSCP 30A Symphonic Band 12.50
MUSCP 30B Symphonic Band 22.50
MUSCP 30C Symphonic Band 32.50
MUSCP 30D Symphonic Band 42.50
MUSCP 33A Orchestra 12.50
MUSCP 33B Orchestra 22.50
MUSCP 33C Orchestra 32.50
MUSCP 33D Orchestra 42.50
Information Learning Resources Requirement - complete 1.00 units
LIR 10 Introduction to Information Literacy1.00

Term Effective: Fall 2017

The requirements for this program of study are effective beginning the semester shown above. If you began working on this program before the effective semester, you may not be affected by the changes. Consult with the program contact person or the department chair to determine your eligibility to complete the program under previous requirements.

Term Inactive: Fall 2019

Previous Versions:

Music: Jazz Studies - effective Fall 2016
Music: Jazz Studies - effective Spring 2015
Music: Jazz Studies - effective Fall 2013
Music: Jazz Studies - effective Summer 2012
Music: Jazz Studies - effective Fall 2009

Program Requirements Notes:

All music majors must complete a minimum of FOUR SEMESTERS of both Applied Music (MUSCP 40.x) and a major performance ensemble (see list above).

Associate Degree Requirements:

The major is one of several requirements students need to fulfill in order to be awarded the Associate Degree, the highest level of academic achievement recognized by Santa Rosa Junior College. Please note that all of the following requirements must be met in order for the degree to be conferred:

For all students admitted for the Fall 2009 term or any term thereafter, a grade of "C" or better, or "P" if the course is taken on a pass/no pass basis, is required for each course applied toward the major.

Course Prerequisites and Advisories:

Courses in a program of study may have prerequisites or advisories; that is, courses that must or should be completed before taking that course. Please check for prerequisites or advisories by clicking on the course numbers in the Program Requirements section.

It is important that students who are completing an Associate Degree and desire to transfer to a four-year institution meet with a counselor to plan their lower division coursework. While many majors at SRJC are intended to align with lower division major preparation required by California public universities, specific lower-division major requirements vary among individual campuses. See a counselor, visit the Transfer Center, and check Guides For Transfer in Specific Majors, and ASSIST to review transfer preparation guides for specific schools and majors.


Incoming Music Majors should have prior experience performing on an instrument or voice, and be able to read music. Students who lack these basic skills are advised to take one or more of the following:

  • MUSC 1 Music Fundamentals

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