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About the Major Requirement:

The program of study in a major provides coherence, focus, depth, sequencing, and synthesis of learning. Majors are intended to provide the student with a foundation for transfer, training for an occupational field, or sufficient depth in a field of knowledge to contribute to lifelong interest. The lower division preparation for a specific major at transfer institutions may vary, so students should work with a counselor to plan their lower division work. If a major field is not on the list, the student may still be able to prepare for this major by taking appropriate lower division courses. Please discuss such preparation, as well as any questions about an approved major, with a counselor.

The following majors are available at Santa Rosa Junior College. This is an alphabetical listing of all currently active majors. Please use the Advanced Search feature to locate majors that have been inactivated or to refine your search by department or keyword.



Associate Degree Requirements:

The major is one of several requirements students need to fulfill in order to be awarded the Associate Degree, the highest level of academic achievement recognized by Santa Rosa Junior College. Please note that all of the following requirements must be met in order for the degree to be conferred:

For all students admitted for the Fall 2009 term or any term thereafter, a grade of "C" or better, or "P" if the course is taken on a pass/no pass basis, is required for each course applied toward the major.

Term Effective and the Major:

The requirements for a major are effective beginning the semester shown for each major. Students who began working on the approved major before the effective semester may not be affected by the changes because they have catalog rights. Students should consult with the program contact person, department chair, or a counselor to determine their eligibility to complete the major under previous requirements.

Catalog Rights:

Requirements for a major are determined according to the catalog in effect at the time of initial enrollment. In order to maintain catalog rights, a student must be in continuous enrollment; that is, enrollment in at least one credit course during each successive academic year.

For the purpose of catalog rights, the academic year begins each fall and ends with the subsequent summer session. When a break in enrollment occurs, major requirements are determined according to the catalog in effect when continuous enrollment is resumed.