SRJC Course Outlines

Dept/NbrCourse TitleVersionTerm EffectiveTerm InactiveApproval StatusCourse Status
ART 1.1WORLD ART TO 15005Fall 2015 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 1.2WORLD ART SINCE 15005Fall 2015 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 2.1HIST PREHIST -GOTHIC ART6Spring 2016Fall 2017ApprovedChanged Course
ART 2.2HIST LATE GOTH - IMP ART8Spring 2017 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 2.3HISTORY OF MODERN ART6Fall 2015 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 3INTRO TO ART AND DESIGN7Fall 2016 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 4PRINCIPLES OF COLOR5Fall 2012 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 53 DIMENSIONAL DESIGN6Fall 2015 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 7ADRAWING & COMP 17Fall 2015 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 7BDRAWING & COMP 25Fall 2016 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 12BEGINNING FIGURE DRAWING6Fall 2014 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 13WATERCOLOR3Spring 2014Fall 2017ApprovedChanged Course
ART 14ABEGINNING PAINTING8Fall 2013Fall 2018ApprovedChanged Course
ART 14BINTERMEDIATE PAINTING7Fall 2013 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 14CADVANCED PAINTING7Fall 2013 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 19ELEMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY4Fall 2016Summer 2018ApprovedChanged Course
ART 21INTERMEDIATE B/W PHOTO3Summer 2012Fall 2017ApprovedChanged Course
ART 22ADVANCED B/W PHOTOGRAPHY4Fall 2013Fall 2017ApprovedChanged Course
ART 23COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY5Fall 2016Summer 2018ApprovedChanged Course
ART 24INTRO TO PRINTMAKING4Spring 2014Summer 2017ApprovedChanged Course
ART 27ABEG SCREEN PRINTING7Fall 2016Summer 2017ApprovedChanged Course
ART 27BINTERM SCREEN PRINTING5Fall 2016Summer 2017ApprovedChanged Course
ART 28ABEGINNING ETCHING4Spring 2014Summer 2017ApprovedChanged Course
ART 28BINTERMEDIATE ETCHING4Spring 2014Summer 2017ApprovedChanged Course
ART 28CADVANCED ETCHING4Spring 2014Summer 2017ApprovedChanged Course
ART 31ABEGINNING CERAMICS7Fall 2013 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 31BINTERMEDIATE CERAMICS7Fall 2013 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 31CADVANCED CERAMICS I7Fall 2013 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 31DADVANCED CERAMICS II7Fall 2013 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 33ABEGINNING SCULPTURE4Spring 2011Fall 2017ApprovedChanged Course
ART 33BINTERMEDIATE SCULPTURE4Spring 2011Fall 2017ApprovedChanged Course
ART 34ACERAMIC SCULPTURE7Fall 2014 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 34BADV CERAMIC SCULPT8Fall 2014 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 49INDEPENDENT STUDY3Fall 2013Fall 2019ApprovedChanged Course
ART 53EXHIBITION DESIGN6Fall 2013 ApprovedChanged Course
ART 59PHOTOJOURNALISM2Fall 2011Summer 2017ApprovedChanged Course
ART 60ASTUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY4Spring 2014Spring 2018ApprovedChanged Course
ART 62ALT PHOTO PROCESSES5Spring 2014Fall 2018ApprovedChanged Course
ART 75ADVANCED SCULPTURE7Fall 2013Fall 2019ApprovedChanged Course
ART 82BEG DIGITAL PHOTO5Spring 2014Fall 2018ApprovedChanged Course