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Scholarship Opportunities

2020-2021 SRJC Foundation Scholarships for Continuing and Transferring Students
Major: Any Scholarship Award
GPA: 2.5 or higher preferred
Financial Need: Considered
Award: Varies
  • Enrollment in 6 or more units at SRJC in Spring 2020 is required for most scholarships. Some allow for fewer units or new student applicants.

  • Most scholarships require 12 or more units completed at SRJC

  • For transferring students, must have completed at least 24 degree applicable units at SRJC. Students must be on track to transfer and will transfer to a four-year university in 2020-2021

  • For Continuing SRJC Students a 2.50 GPA or higher is preferred. Some awards allow for a 2.0 GPA. In order to receive scholarship, students must be meeting Satisafactory Academic Progress standards.

  • Transferring Students a 3.00 GPA or higher is required.
Application Available: Sunday, January 12, 2020
Application Deadline: Monday, March 2, 2020
Web Address: