In order to assist you in your request, the SRJC District Police provide the following guidelines on how we evaluate requests for courtesy parking permits.  We approach each request foremost from a position of equity.  Our students, faculty and staff all must pay for parking.  Community members attending a sports game, theater arts production, lecture, film, etc. all have to pay for parking.  Additionally, long term contractors and non-permanent position staff must pay for parking.

With this as a basis we recognize there are times where the college benefits by providing courtesy parking permits whether to an individual, group or to the entire community for large events.  In vetting requests, we ask you to ask, “Why should parking be waived for this particular request?”

·         Is this a SRJC organized event?  Whether it is a single faculty member requesting a permit for one guest speaker to a large job fair, we give consideration for events organized by those within our community utilizing our resources.  If it is an outside group utilizing our facilities, are they paying the District?  If so, parking costs should be incorporated into the overall costs.  If not, other factors will need to be considered.

·         Is the person(s) volunteering their time to provide a service?

·         Does the service or event directly benefit our students and/or staff?

·         Are there other reasonable factors to consider such as:
o   Is it a non-profit group?
o   Is the event for low income community members?
o   Is it a large community event such as Day Under the Oaks or Commencement?
o   Is it an emergency event?

If the answers to the questions above are generally ‘yes’ than your request will likely be approved.  If not, you should set up a meeting to discuss with the Chief of Police.