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RELS 6.66
History of Satan
Description:This course traces the development of the character Satan or “The Devil” from its beginnings in Biblical literature and analogs in the ancient Near East. It will examine the evolution of the idea of Satan through Jewish, Christian and Islamic texts, influences from neighboring religions, as well as related literary works and social movements of the Medieval and Renaissance and modern periods.
Recommended Preparation:Eligibility for ENGL 1A or equivalent
Transferability:CSU; UC 
Repeatability:Two Repeats if Grade was D, F, NC, or NP
Grading Type:Grade or P/NP
Sections listed are for Fall 2021
 SectDaysHoursInstructorLocationRoomUnitsStatusTotal SeatsCurrent EnrollmentSeats RemainingDate Begin/EndDate Final ExamBooks
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1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Partially Online
Whylly S
Whylly S
Emeritus Hall, Santa Rosa Campus
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 This course will meet in person once a week, at the time and location listed. There will be an additional hour of course content delivered asynchronously online.All students are welcome to enroll in this class and this section will have extra support for the Lanzamiento initiative, designed to support academic achievement among Latinx and first-generation college students. Students who enroll in Lanzamiento sections have dedicated resources available to them, including: academic counseling, peer tutoring and success coaching, library support, mental health services, financial aid workshops, and opportunities to learn about transferring to a four-year university. Themes of bilingualism, transnational experiences, immigrant communities, Latinx authorship, academic scholarship, and activism are relevant to the Lanzamiento initiative. More information is available on the Lanzamiento webpage.
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10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Thompson E
Thompson E
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 Mandatory online meetings will take place for each class session at the day(s)/time(s) listed. Unless advised otherwise by the instructor, students are expected to be present for the duration of these live online meetings.
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