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Elementary French-Part 1
Description:Beginning elementary listening, speaking, reading and writing in French. Introduction to France and French-speaking cultures worldwide.
Recommended Preparation:Eligibility for ENGL 1A or equivalent
Transferability:CSU; UC 
Repeatability:Two Repeats if Grade was D, F, NC, or NP
Grading Type:Grade or P/NP
Sections listed are for Summer 2020
 SectDaysHoursInstructorLocationRoomUnitsStatusTotal SeatsCurrent EnrollmentSeats RemainingDate Begin/EndDate Final ExamBooks
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10:00 am - 11:30 am
+2.17 hours per week
Burlingham J
Burlingham J
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 There are mandatory class meetings three times a week via web conference on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10:00am - 11:30am. Please sign in to canvas for additional details after registering. After registering for this class, click on the section number to find any available online course material. If you are using the pdf version of the schedule, go to to find the section number links.
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