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General Chemistry
Description:General principles of chemistry, including atomic theory, bonding, stoichiometry, kinetic molecular theory of gases, properties of mixtures, the periodic table, and thermochemistry. First semester of a one year program of general chemistry.
Prerequisites:Course Completion of CHEM 42 AND Course Completion of MATH 154 or Course Completion of MATH 155 or higher (MATH); OR Course Completion of CHEM 42 AND two years of high school algebra or equivalent Students who think they may be ready for CHEM 1A or CHEM 4A without completing CHEM 42 should take the Chemistry Diagnostic Test AND complete and return the Chemistry Diagnostic Review form to the Student Success and Assessment Services Office. After Chemistry Department’s review and approval, the Admission and Records Office will lift prerequisite block and notify student through the portal
Recommended Preparation:Course Completion of ENGL 1A
Transferability:CSU; UC 
Repeatability:Two Repeats if Grade was D, F, NC, or NP
Grading Type:Grade Only
Sections listed are for Summer 2019
 SectDaysHoursInstructorLocationRoomUnitsStatusTotal SeatsCurrent EnrollmentSeats RemainingDate Begin/EndDate Final ExamBooks
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12:30 pm - 2:40 pm
8:00 am - 9:00 am
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Meprathu B
Meprathu B
Meprathu B
Bech Hall, Santa Rosa Campus1901
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