Recommended Sequence of Courses
Program of Study: Art History (AA-T)Course Offerings subject to change. Please consult the current Schedule of Classes.
Department: ArtThis document is for planning purposes only and is not a guarantee of course offerings
Coordinator: hskoonberg@santarosa.eduA full-time student seeking to complete an Associate's Degree in two years should expect to take an average of 15 units per semester.
Term Effective: Fall 2022A major is only part of what is required for an Associate's Degree
* denotes a required course.Students are strongly advised to meet with a counselor for educational planning

Semester 1
Course NumberCourse TitleUnitsSemester OfferedPrerequisitesAdvisoriesIn PersonOnlineHybridBlendedDayEveningWeekend
In Person=Face to Face
Online=Fully Online, no mandatory face to face.
Hybrid=At least 51% online
Blended=Majority face to face