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Yoga: 200-Hour Teacher Training Certificate Kinesiology, Athletics, & Dance Total Units: 10
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Term Effective: Fall 2017


The Yoga: 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Skills Certificate fulfills the requirements of the Yoga Alliance 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) which serves as the minimum credential required by many employers of yoga teachers. This program covers yoga techniques including postures, breathing exercises, and meditation; teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology, philosophy, business aspects of yoga, and ethics.

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate correct technique in yoga practices including asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing practices), and meditation.
  2. Develop a personal teaching style that includes effective class management, communication, and addresses multi-level needs and special populations within a group setting.
  3. Apply principles of human anatomy, physiology and energy anatomy to yoga practices.
  4. Analyze yoga philosophy, values and ethics through yogic texts, and incorporate them into yoga practices.
  5. Design and execute, as a lead teacher or assistant, safe and effective yoga sequences and classes.

Program Requirements:

The requirements for the Yoga: 200-Hour Teacher Training Certificate program are:

  • Complete 10 units from
    • Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Requirements

Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Requirements - complete 10.00 units
KINES 70Yoga Techniques, Training, and Practice I3.00
KINES 71Yoga Techniques, Training, and Practice II2.00
KINES 72Yoga Teaching Methodology1.00
KINES 73Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga Teachers1.00
KINES 74Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics1.50
Complete any combination totaling at least 1.50 units from the following:
KINES 50Teaching Practicum1.50
WEOC 99IOccupational Work Experience Internship0.50-8.00

Term Effective: Fall 2017

The requirements for this program of study are effective beginning the semester shown above. If you began working on this program before the effective semester, you may not be affected by the changes. Consult with the program contact person or the department chair to determine your eligibility to complete the program under previous requirements.

Term Inactive: Fall 2018

Course Prerequisites and Advisories:

Courses in a program of study may have prerequisites or advisories; that is, courses that must or should be completed before taking that course. Please check for prerequisites or advisories by clicking on the course numbers in the Program Requirements section.

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