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Mechatronics Fundamentals Certificate Engineering and Applied Technology Total Units: 12
Term Effective: Fall 2021


The Mechatronics Fundamentals skills certificate prepares students for entry-level positions that involve the operation and maintenance of electro-mechanical computer-controlled systems commonly found in automated manufacturing environments. Systems-level analysis, assembly and troubleshooting techniques are stressed in the hands-on laboratory activities. Course topics include microcontroller, industrial robotics and control of D/C motors using sensors and actuators

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  1. Use a microcontroller to detect inputs from sensors.
  2. Control LEDs, servo motors, speakers, and other devices in response to inputs and programming.
  3. Demonstrate safety procedures when handling the robot.
  4. Program a set of movements on the teach pendant.

Program Requirements:

The requirements for the Mechatronics Fundamentals Certificate program are:

  • Complete 12 units from
    • Mechatronics Fundamentals Requirements

Mechatronics Fundamentals Requirements - complete 12.00 units
ELEC 54ADirect and Alternating Current Theory3.00
ELEC 54BFundamentals of Electronic Devices3.00
ELEC 54CMicrocontrollers and Embedded Systems3.00
ELEC 82Mechatronics Fundamentals3.00

Term Effective: Fall 2021

The requirements for this program of study are effective beginning the semester shown above. If you began working on this program before the effective semester, you may not be affected by the changes. Consult with the program contact person or the department chair to determine your eligibility to complete the program under previous requirements.

Course Prerequisites and Advisories:

Courses in a program of study may have prerequisites or advisories; that is, courses that must or should be completed before taking that course. Please check for prerequisites or advisories by clicking on the course numbers in the Program Requirements section.

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