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Computer Studies: Cisco Certification Training in CCNA Certificate Computer Studies Total Units: 12
Term Effective: Fall 2022


The Computer Studies: Cisco Networking Certification Training in CCNA Skills Certificate is a comprehensive e-learning program, which provides students with the Internet technology skills essential in a global economy. The program delivers Web-based content, online assessment, student performance tracking, hands-on labs, instructor training and support, and preparation for industry-standard certifications. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), a 280-hour curriculum, is the first step in a Cisco career certification path. Particular emphasis is given to using decision-making and problem-solving techniques in the application of science, mathematics, communication and social studies concepts to solve networking problems. Students will learn how to install and configure Cisco switches and routers in multiprotocol networks using local- and wide-area networks (LANs and WANs), provide Level 1 troubleshooting service, and improve network performance and security.

Network Administrators, consultants and help desk support personal, benefit from this series of classes. These jobs are proving to be more immune to overseas outsourcing than other IT professions and demand for proficient workers is fairly constant. Some students may complete these courses as a way to prepare for the CCNA exam, while others will enroll as an avenue for advancement in their current jobs.

See the Cisco Network Academy website for additional information about the types of courses taught at the SRJC Cisco Networking Academy.

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  1. Plan, design and install Ethernet Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Networks at the entry-level-technician;
  2. Analyze and improve computer network performance and security on routers and switches;
  3. Operate and troubleshoot Ethernet TCP/IP Networks at the entry-level-technician; and
  4. Demonstrate end-to-end protocol connectivity across a variety of Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network (LAN) protocol.

Program Requirements:

The requirements for the Computer Studies: Cisco Certification Training in CCNA Certificate program are:

  • Complete 12 units from
    • Cisco Networking Requirements

Cisco Networking Requirements - complete 12.00 units
CS 82.22AIntroduction to Networks4.00
CS 82.22BSwitching, Routing and Wireless Essentials4.00
CS 82.22CEnterprise Networking, Security, and Automation4.00

Term Effective: Fall 2022

The requirements for this program of study are effective beginning the semester shown above. If you began working on this program before the effective semester, you may not be affected by the changes. Consult with the program contact person or the department chair to determine your eligibility to complete the program under previous requirements.

Course Prerequisites and Advisories:

Courses in a program of study may have prerequisites or advisories; that is, courses that must or should be completed before taking that course. Please check for prerequisites or advisories by clicking on the course numbers in the Program Requirements section.

It is important that students who are completing an Associate Degree and desire to transfer to a four-year institution meet with a counselor to plan their lower division coursework. While many majors at SRJC are intended to align with lower division major preparation required by California public universities, specific lower-division major requirements vary among individual campuses. See a counselor, visit the Transfer Center, and check Guides For Transfer in Specific Majors, and ASSIST to review transfer preparation guides for specific schools and majors.


Recommended preparation: CS 80.11

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