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12/8/2023 12:59:11 AMDH 83 Course Outline as of Fall 2020

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Discipline and Nbr:  DH 83Title:  ETHICS JURSP & PRAC MGMT  
Full Title:  Ethics, Jurisprudence & Practice Mgmt for Dental Hygienist
Last Reviewed:10/10/2022

UnitsCourse Hours per Week Nbr of WeeksCourse Hours Total
Maximum2.00Lecture Scheduled2.0017.5 max.Lecture Scheduled35.00
Minimum2.00Lab Scheduled08 min.Lab Scheduled0
 Contact DHR0 Contact DHR0
 Contact Total2.00 Contact Total35.00
 Non-contact DHR0 Non-contact DHR Total0

 Total Out of Class Hours:  70.00Total Student Learning Hours: 105.00 

Title 5 Category:  AA Degree Applicable
Grading:  Grade Only
Repeatability:  00 - Two Repeats if Grade was D, F, NC, or NP
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Catalog Description:
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The study of jurisprudence, ethics, and practice management as related to dental hygiene care. A personal philosophy toward professional conduct, continuous quality improvement, self-assessment and peer evaluation is developed.

Concurrent Enrollment in DH 71E ( or DH 84)

Recommended Preparation:

Limits on Enrollment:

Schedule of Classes Information
Description: Untitled document
The study of jurisprudence, ethics, and practice management as related to dental hygiene care. A personal philosophy toward professional conduct, continuous quality improvement, self-assessment and peer evaluation is developed.
(Grade Only)

Prerequisites:Concurrent Enrollment in DH 71E ( or DH 84)
Limits on Enrollment:
Transfer Credit:CSU;
Repeatability:00 - Two Repeats if Grade was D, F, NC, or NP


Associate Degree:Effective:Inactive:
CSU GE:Transfer Area Effective:Inactive:
IGETC:Transfer Area Effective:Inactive:
CSU Transfer:TransferableEffective:Spring 2001Inactive:
UC Transfer:Effective:Inactive:

Certificate/Major Applicable: Major Applicable Course


Student Learning Outcomes:
At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:
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1.  Manage the legal and ethical issues facing dental hygienists in the delivery of oral health care,
    and develop a personal philosophy toward professional conduct, continuous quality
    assurance self-assessment and life-long learning.
2.  Demonstrate knowledge of California State Dental Licensing agencies, the California Dental
    Practice Act and federal employment laws that address the employment of and practice of
    dental hygiene in California.

Objectives: Untitled document
Students will be able to:
1.   Determine and justify sound legal and ethical principles in dealing with patients and team
      members used to solve ethical dilemmas.      
2.   Explain the role of principles in the decision-making process of the dental hygienist.
3.   Describe and apply the ethical decision-making process in dental hygiene.
4.   Relate the ethical principles found in the codes of ethics, informed consent, patients' bill of
      rights and other documents related to patient care.
5.   Identify the State agencies and areas of the Dental Practice Act that address the practice of
      dental hygiene in California and how to locate these documents.
6.   Identify the types of dental hygiene procedures delegated under direct and general
7.   Explain the concept of risk management as it relates to the practice of dental hygiene.
8.   Discuss state and federal employment laws that have a significant impact on employment.
9.   Discuss the disclosure and reporting of abuse including ethical and legal responsibilities.
10. Discuss the role of the dental hygienist in the practice management of the dental practice.
11. Explain economic considerations for a profitable practice, including office overhead,
      production and collection and insurance.
12. Discuss professional competence, knowledge, philosophy, and demeanor when applying for
      a position.
13. Identify various employment opportunities for dental hygienists and method of finding

Topics and Scope
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I. Introduction to Ethics                                          
    A. Ethical principles and values
    B. Theories of moral development
     C. Code of ethics
    D. American Dental Hygiene Association - Code of Ethics      
    E. Ethical dilemmas
II. Informed Consent                                                
    A. Criteria for informed consent
    B. Disclosure
     C. Related principles
III. Introduction to Jurisprudence                                    
     A. California Dental Practice Act
    B. Dental Hygiene Board of California
         1. license and renewal
         2. scope of practice
         3. levels of supervision
         4. articles in the Dental Practice Act that apply to the practice of dental hygiene
IV. Legal Concepts
     A. Civil /criminal law
     B. Hygienist/patient relationship
     C. Breach of contract
     D. State and federal employment laws
     E. Malpractice
V. Risk Management
     A. Dental records
     B. Incident reporting
     C. Quality assurance
     D. Communication
     E. Risk factors
VI. Mandated Reporter
    A. Role of dental personnel
    B. Disclosure and reporting
    C. Legal responsibilities
    D. Ethical responsibilities
VII. Introduction to Dental Hygiene Practice Management                  
     A. Team concept
     B. Public relations
     C. Marketing the practice
     D. Business of dental hygiene
     E. Employment opportunities  
    F. Resume and cover letter
    G. Employment enhancements for job satisfaction

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1. Reading assignments 10 - 15 pages per week
2. Quizzes (4 - 6)
3. Exams (Midterm and Final)
4. Ethical dilemma paper
5. Case studies/Readiness Assessment Evaluations (7-10)

Methods of Evaluation/Basis of Grade.
Writing: Assessment tools that demonstrate writing skill and/or require students to select, organize and explain ideas in writing.Writing
5 - 10%
Ethical dilemma paper
Problem solving: Assessment tools, other than exams, that demonstrate competence in computational or non-computational problem solving skills.Problem Solving
30 - 40%
Case studies
Skill Demonstrations: All skill-based and physical demonstrations used for assessment purposes including skill performance exams.Skill Demonstrations
0 - 0%
Exams: All forms of formal testing, other than skill performance exams.Exams
50 - 60%
Quizzes. midterm and final
Other: Includes any assessment tools that do not logically fit into the above categories.Other Category
0 - 0%

Representative Textbooks and Materials:
Untitled document
Ethics and Law in Dental Hygiene. 3rd ed. Beemsterboer, Phyllis. Elsevier. 2016
Darby and Walsh Dental Hygiene; Theory and Practice. 5th ed. Bowen, Denise and Pieren, Jennifer. Elsevier. 2020
Instructor prepared materials

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