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6/10/2023 5:25:27 AMDANCE 21.3 Course Outline as of Spring 2004

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Discipline and Nbr:  DANCE 21.3Title:  HIP HOP/FUNK III  
Full Title:  Hip Hop/Funk III
Last Reviewed:2/25/2019

UnitsCourse Hours per Week Nbr of WeeksCourse Hours Total
Maximum2.00Lecture Scheduled017.5 max.Lecture Scheduled0
Minimum1.00Lab Scheduled4.0017 min.Lab Scheduled70.00
 Contact DHR0 Contact DHR0
 Contact Total4.00 Contact Total70.00
 Non-contact DHR0 Non-contact DHR Total0

 Total Out of Class Hours:  0.00Total Student Learning Hours: 70.00 

Title 5 Category:  AA Degree Applicable
Grading:  Grade or P/NP
Repeatability:  22 - 4 Times in any Comb of Levels
Also Listed As: 
Formerly:  PE 59.2

Catalog Description:
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This course will allow students to continue their hip hop/funk dance experience on an intermediate level, incorporating intermediate level styles and choreography which are derived from the current dance vernacular and culture.


Recommended Preparation:
Course Completion of DANCE 21.1 ( or PE 59.1)

Limits on Enrollment:

Schedule of Classes Information
Description: Untitled document
This course will allow students to continue their hip hop/funk dance experience on an intermediate level, incorporating intermediate styles and choreography derived from current dance vernacular and culture.
(Grade or P/NP)

Recommended:Course Completion of DANCE 21.1 ( or PE 59.1)
Limits on Enrollment:
Transfer Credit:CSU;UC.
Repeatability:22 - 4 Times in any Comb of Levels


Associate Degree:Effective:Inactive:
CSU GE:Transfer Area Effective:Inactive:
IGETC:Transfer Area Effective:Inactive:
CSU Transfer:TransferableEffective:Spring 2000Inactive:
UC Transfer:TransferableEffective:Fall 2000Inactive:

Certificate/Major Applicable: Certificate Applicable Course


Outcomes and Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:
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Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:
I.    Identify intermediate hip hop/funk dance movement using appropriate
II.   Perform intermediate hip hop/funk walks, footwork, and
     dance sequences.
III.  Demonstrate the ability to retain complex movement patterns
     through "across-the-floor" and center combinations.
IV.   Demonstrate intermediate level hip hop/funk skills performed with
     personal style.
V.    Recognize and verbalize complex rhythms including the syncopation
     used in the hip hop/funk movement style.
VI.   Correlate intermediate hip hop/funk dance movements to music.
VII.  Demonstrate correct biomechanical form as related to
     strength in motion, ease of coordination, agility, and flexibility.

Topics and Scope
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I.    Intermediate Warm-up Exercises
     A.  Locomotor movement combinations
     B.  Isolations and body articulations
     C.  Strengthening exercises
     D.  Stretching exercises
II.   Intermediate "Across the Floor" (locomotor sequences)
     A.  Hip hop/funk walks, complex footwork, and movement
     B.  Movement phrases used in current dance combinations
     C.  Linking of movements into sequences with focus on the
         mind-body relationship (neuromuscular coordination)
     D.  Development of skill and style
III.  Intermediate Hip Hop/Funk Combinations
     A.  Incorporation of movements taught during the across-the-floor
         segment of class
     B.  Rhythmical interpretation of the music through dance
     C.  Sight-reading of intermediate hip hop/funk footwork and body
         movements focusing on immediate recognition and recall.
     D.  Performance presentation
         1.  Dynamics
         2.  Personal style
         3.  Attitude
IV.  Intermediate hip hop/funk dance terminology

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One to three page critique of a live dance performance or report on
other dance topics
Other assignments may include any or all of the following:
1. Practicing current choreography and dance skills both during class and
outside of class for one to two hours per week
2. Choreographing a dance combination (short dance sequence) either alone,
with a partner, or with a group
3. Performing exercises to further strengthen and/or stretch muscle
groups as needed to properly execute dance movements.
4. Practicing recognition of hip hop/funk dance vocabulary and
verbalization of intermediate hip hop/funk terminolgy

Methods of Evaluation/Basis of Grade.
Writing: Assessment tools that demonstrate writing skill and/or require students to select, organize and explain ideas in writing.Writing
10 - 20%
Critique or report
Problem solving: Assessment tools, other than exams, that demonstrate competence in computational or non-computational problem solving skills.Problem Solving
0 - 0%
Skill Demonstrations: All skill-based and physical demonstrations used for assessment purposes including skill performance exams.Skill Demonstrations
20 - 40%
Class performances, Performance exams
Exams: All forms of formal testing, other than skill performance exams.Exams
0 - 0%
Other: Includes any assessment tools that do not logically fit into the above categories.Other Category
40 - 60%
Attendance and participation

Representative Textbooks and Materials:
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Instructor prepared materials

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