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7/24/2024 2:26:41 AMCOUN 20 Course Outline as of Fall 2007

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Discipline and Nbr:  COUN 20Title:  SEX AND GENDER  
Full Title:  Sex and Gender
Last Reviewed:11/23/2020

UnitsCourse Hours per Week Nbr of WeeksCourse Hours Total
Maximum3.00Lecture Scheduled3.0017.5 max.Lecture Scheduled52.50
Minimum3.00Lab Scheduled017.5 min.Lab Scheduled0
 Contact DHR0 Contact DHR0
 Contact Total3.00 Contact Total52.50
 Non-contact DHR0 Non-contact DHR Total0

 Total Out of Class Hours:  105.00Total Student Learning Hours: 157.50 

Title 5 Category:  AA Degree Applicable
Grading:  Grade or P/NP
Repeatability:  00 - Two Repeats if Grade was D, F, NC, or NP
Also Listed As: 
Formerly:  COUN 73

Catalog Description:
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This course is an exploration of gender and sexual identity in U.S and Non-Western societies. The definitions of femininity and masculinity in popular culture, as well as the relationship between gender and sex and other aspects of our personal and social identities, such as race/ethnicity, age, physical disabilities and nationality will be examined. Also included will be discussion of research on contempory and traditional sex roles, male and female stereotypes, ethnic/cultural differences and sexual discrimination.


Recommended Preparation:
Eligibility for ENGL 100 or ESL 100

Limits on Enrollment:

Schedule of Classes Information
Description: Untitled document
An exploration of gender and sexual identity in U.S. and Non-Western societies. The definitions of femininity and masculinity, as well as the relationships between gender, sex, sexual orientation and other aspects of our personal and social identities (race/ethnicity, age, nationality) will be examined.
(Grade or P/NP)

Recommended:Eligibility for ENGL 100 or ESL 100
Limits on Enrollment:
Transfer Credit:CSU;UC.
Repeatability:00 - Two Repeats if Grade was D, F, NC, or NP


Associate Degree:Effective:Fall 2004
Social and Behavioral Sciences
CSU GE:Transfer Area Effective:Inactive:
 DSocial ScienceFall 2004
 D4Gender Studies  
 ELifelong Learning and Self Development  
IGETC:Transfer Area Effective:Inactive:
 4Social and Behavioral ScienceSpring 2007
 4DGender Studies  
CSU Transfer:TransferableEffective:Fall 2004Inactive:
UC Transfer:TransferableEffective:Fall 2005Inactive:

Certificate/Major Applicable: Both Certificate and Major Applicable


Outcomes and Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:
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Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. Analyze and describe the concepts of gender, sexuality and sexual
2. Differentiate between one's social and personal identities.
3. Analyze identity development theories.
4. Recognize Non-Western views of sex and gender identity.
5. Identify and analyze sex and gender stereotypes in society.
6. Analyze and describe systems of power and privilege in U.S. society.
7. Define sexual harassment and discrimination.
8. Explore career and educational opportunities in the fields of
  Gender and Women's Studies.
9. Relate concepts of this course to everyday life.

Topics and Scope
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1.   Gender
    a. Defining masculinity and femininity
    b. Androgyny and transgender
2.   Sex
    a. Defining the biological/physiological aspects of males and
    b. Intersexual and transexual individuals
3.   Sexual Orientation: defining homosexuality, heterosexuality, and
4.   Identifying other important aspects of social identity: race,
    ethnicity, age, religion and nationality
5.   Identity-development models as related to sex, gender and sexual
6.   Gender roles and stereotypes in contemporary U.S. society and their
    historical roots
7.   Cross cultural comparisons: studying Non-Western views of sex and
    gender identity: Asian (Hijras of India, Katoey of Thailand);
    Native American (Third Gender or Two-Spirit Peoples); Latin
    American (matriarchal society in Oaxaca, Mexico); African
    (Wodaabe-males and beauty)
8.   Male and heterosexual privilege
    a. Sexism, homophobia and heterosexism
    b. Their relationships to racism and ageism
9.   Legal Issues
    a. Sexual harassment
    b. Sex and gender discrimination
10.  Methods to improve interactions across gender identities and
    sexual orientations
11.  Introduction to the career and educational opportunities in the
    fields of gender, sexuality and women's studies
12.  Orientation to values, themes, and principles of social science

Untitled document
1.  Text reading assignments on relevant topics. Approximately 40 pages a
2.  Discussion of text readings, in-class exercises and audio visual
3.  A five page research paper on a topic relevant to sex and gender
4.  Five two-page writing assignments on gender, sexual orientation,
   gender stereotypes, heterosexual and male privilege, sex
5.  Mid-term objective and essay exam.
6.  Final objective and essay examination.

Methods of Evaluation/Basis of Grade.
Writing: Assessment tools that demonstrate writing skill and/or require students to select, organize and explain ideas in writing.Writing
20 - 50%
Written homework, Research paper
Problem solving: Assessment tools, other than exams, that demonstrate competence in computational or non-computational problem solving skills.Problem Solving
0 - 0%
Skill Demonstrations: All skill-based and physical demonstrations used for assessment purposes including skill performance exams.Skill Demonstrations
0 - 0%
Exams: All forms of formal testing, other than skill performance exams.Exams
40 - 75%
Multiple choice, Matching items, Essay exam
Other: Includes any assessment tools that do not logically fit into the above categories.Other Category
5 - 10%
attendance and class participation

Representative Textbooks and Materials:
Untitled document
Kimmel, Michael,The Gendered Society, 2nd Ed. (Oxford University
Press, New York, NY, c2003
Lips, Hilary, Sex & Gender: An Introduction, 5th Ed (McGraw-Hill
New York, NY, c2005
Ore, Tracy E. The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality:
Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality, 3rd Ed.(McGraw-Hill, New York, NY,
c. 20005)
Renzetti, Claire M and Curran, Daniel J., Women, Men and Society,
5th Ed. (Allyn & Bacon, Needham Heights, MA, c.2002)
Wharton, Amy, The Sociology of Gender (Blackwell Publishing, Malden,
Zinn, Maxine Baca; Hondagneu-Sotelo, Pierrette; Messner, Michael A.
(eds) Gender Through the Prism of Difference, 3rd Ed. (Oxford
University Press, New York, NY, c2005)

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