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4/17/2024 3:16:43 AMBOT 153 Course Outline as of Fall 1981

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Discipline and Nbr:  BOT 153Title:  TYPING SKILL BLDG  
Full Title:  Typing-Skill Building
Last Reviewed:12/14/2015

UnitsCourse Hours per Week Nbr of WeeksCourse Hours Total
Maximum1.50Lecture Scheduled2.0017 max.Lecture Scheduled34.00
Minimum1.50Lab Scheduled3.003 min.Lab Scheduled51.00
 Contact DHR0 Contact DHR0
 Contact Total5.00 Contact Total85.00
 Non-contact DHR0 Non-contact DHR Total0

 Total Out of Class Hours:  68.00Total Student Learning Hours: 153.00 

Title 5 Category:  AA Degree Applicable
Grading:  Grade or P/NP
Repeatability:  34 - 4 Enrollments Total
Also Listed As: 

Catalog Description:
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Using the Cortez Peters Championship Typewriting System, students will be introduced to the correct techniques and typewriting methods that will enable them to type perfectly. Emphasis is on accuracy first followed by speed development through the use of diagnostic/prescriptive/evaluative/motivational charting of all typewriting activities.


Recommended Preparation:
Knowledge of the keyboard and ability to type by touch.

Limits on Enrollment:

Schedule of Classes Information
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Accuracy & speed development for all levels of typewriting competency using the Cortez Peters Championship Typewriting System.
(Grade or P/NP)

Recommended:Knowledge of the keyboard and ability to type by touch.
Limits on Enrollment:
Transfer Credit:
Repeatability:34 - 4 Enrollments Total


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Certificate/Major Applicable: Certificate Applicable Course


Outcomes and Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to:
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The students will:
1.  Practice the Cortez Peters championship typewriting methods.
2.  Demonstrate their skill by typing five-minute timed writings with
   one or fewer errors.
3.  Use the Cortez Peters method while typing one-minute timings writings
   with perfect accuracy.
4.  Apply the new typewriting methods learned so that each student will
   have typed a minimum of five Honor Roll Papers by the end of the
   course. (An Honor Roll Paper is a five-minute timed writing with one
   or fewer errors).
5.  Embark upon a program to increase speed while still maintaining
   accuracy. Increase in speed can be achieved through the judicious
   use of the following:
     A. rhythm tapes.
     B. technique-perfection tapes.
     C. keyboard reinforcement tapes.
     D. individual consultations with the instructor so that progress
        can be monitored and appropriate changes can be determined to
        enhance student achievement.
6.  Achieve the distinction of becoming a Cortez Peters Championship
   Typing Class by averaging five Honor Roll Papers per student in
   the class.
7.  Reduce the class's CBER (class beginning error rate) so that the
   CEER (class ending error rate) falls below 1.0 errors per students.

Topics and Scope
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1.  Introduction to Cortez Peters Championship Typing System.
     A. Diagnostic testing.
     B. Analyzing errors.
     C. Prescriptive practice.
2.  Charting Techniques.
     A. Progress chart.
     B. Speed and accuracy chart.
     C. Skill-development paragraph chart.
     D. Error-Analysis chart.
3.  Basis Techniques/Posture.
     A. Position of body in relation to typewriter.
     B. Placement of body in chair.
     C. Position of arms, wrists, hands, and fingers.
     D. Chair and typing table.
     E. Fingernails.
4.  Keystroking.
     A. Bottom row.
     B. Home row.
     C. Upper row.
     D. Shifting.
     E. Space bar.
5.  Championship Typing Methods.
     A. Quiet hands.
     B. Rhythm.
     C. Letter by letter.
     D. Mental attitude.
     E. Behavior.
6.  Introduction to Cortez Peters Tapes.
     A. Rhythm tapes.
     B. Keyboard reinforcement tapes.
     C. Technique-perfection tapes.
7.  Cortez Peters Championship Drills.
     A. Championship warmup drills.
     B. Accuracy studies.
     C. Speed studies.

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1.  Typed report on student's goals and objectives.
2.  Timed writing #1.
3.  Diagnostic test #1.
4.  Proofreading and charting of all work.
5.  Analysis of performance.
6.  Practice correct championship typewriting techniques.
7.  Corrective practice based on analysis of deficiencies as revealed
   by the charts.
1.  Library assignment: view Cortez Peters one-hour video on championship
   typewriting techniques and submit a typed report.
2.  Timed writing #2.
3.  Practice of proofreading skills.
4.  Diagnostic test #2--Pretest and Posttest.
5.  Corrective practice based upon deficiencies noted on charts.
6.  Introduction of rhythm tapes for speed building for those students
   that can type with accuracy.
7.  Introduction of keyboard reinforcement tapes for students needing
   a stronger keyboard foundation.
8.  Introduction of technique-perfection tapes for students needing
   help on particular techniques pf typewriting.
1.  Corrective practice.
2.  Tape drills.
3.  Timed writings #3 through #15.
4.  Diagnostic tests #3 through #15.
5.  Cortez Peters motivational techniques are employed to urge students
   to do the very best that they can; moreover, individual student-
   teacher consultations are held.

Methods of Evaluation/Basis of Grade.
Writing: Assessment tools that demonstrate writing skill and/or require students to select, organize and explain ideas in writing.Writing
0 - 0%
Problem solving: Assessment tools, other than exams, that demonstrate competence in computational or non-computational problem solving skills.Problem Solving
0 - 0%
Skill Demonstrations: All skill-based and physical demonstrations used for assessment purposes including skill performance exams.Skill Demonstrations
0 - 100%
Class performances, Performance exams
Exams: All forms of formal testing, other than skill performance exams.Exams
0 - 0%
Other: Includes any assessment tools that do not logically fit into the above categories.Other Category
0 - 0%

Representative Textbooks and Materials:
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Hill Publishing Company.

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