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10/22/2020 2:03:07 AMASL 1B Course Outline as of Fall 1996

Changed Course

Discipline and Nbr:  ASL 1BTitle:  AMER SIGN LANG 1B  
Full Title:  American Sign Language 1B
Last Reviewed:12/8/2014

UnitsCourse Hours per Week Nbr of WeeksCourse Hours Total
Maximum3.00Lecture Scheduled3.0017.5 max.Lecture Scheduled52.50
Minimum3.00Lab Scheduled06 min.Lab Scheduled0
 Contact DHR0 Contact DHR0
 Contact Total3.00 Contact Total52.50
 Non-contact DHR0 Non-contact DHR Total0

 Total Out of Class Hours:  105.00Total Student Learning Hours: 157.50 

Title 5 Category:  AA Degree Applicable
Grading:  Grade or P/NP
Repeatability:  00 - Two Repeats if Grade was D, F, NC, or NP
Also Listed As: 
Formerly:  ASL 51B

Catalog Description:
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Continuation of ASL 1A.  Everyday communication: discussion of classes, the campus, home, work and transportation; physical descriptions of peoples and objects; general conversation skills; visual perception and spatialization skills.

Course Completion of ASL 1 ( or ASL 1A or ASL 51A or SE 214A)

Recommended Preparation:
Course Completion of ASL 5 ( or ASL 55 or SE 217)

Limits on Enrollment:

Schedule of Classes Information
Description: Untitled document
Continuation of ASL 1A. Everyday communication: Discussion of classes, the campus, home, work & transportation; physical descriptions of people & objects; general conversation skills; visual perception & spatialization skills.
(Grade or P/NP)

Prerequisites:Course Completion of ASL 1 ( or ASL 1A or ASL 51A or SE 214A)
Recommended:Course Completion of ASL 5 ( or ASL 55 or SE 217)
Limits on Enrollment:
Transfer Credit:CSU;UC.
Repeatability:00 - Two Repeats if Grade was D, F, NC, or NP


Associate Degree:Effective:Fall 1991
CSU GE:Transfer Area Effective:Inactive:
 C2HumanitiesFall 1991
IGETC:Transfer Area Effective:Inactive:
 3BHumanitiesSpring 2007
 6ALanguage Other Than English  
 6ALanguage Other Than EnglishFall 1996Spring 2007
CSU Transfer:TransferableEffective:Fall 1991Inactive:
UC Transfer:TransferableEffective:Fall 1991Inactive:

Certificate/Major Applicable: Not Certificate/Major Applicable


Outcomes and Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:
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The successful student will demonstrate 65% accuracy in the areas of:
1.  Conversation skills and strategies
2.  Vocabulary: use of approximately 300 signs, including appropriate
3.  Elementary ASL grammar
4.  ASL cultural information

Topics and Scope
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  I.  Content of instructional activities include, but is not limited to
     the following:
     A.  Directions
     B.  Descriptive personal qualities and attributes
     C.  Requests
     D.  Family and occupations
     E.  Personal routines
     F.  Grammar
     G.  Deaf Culture
     H.  Cross-cultural communication
     I.  Role-shifting
     J.  History of Deaf America
     K.  Complete second half of representative text
II.  Tasks
     A. Describe people's physical appearance in detail
'     B. Describe people's personalities in detail
     C. Describe social activities
     D. Identify narrative style
     E. Use descriptive classifiers
     F. Explain/ask about locations
     G. Express uncertainty
     H. One-handed signing
     I. Ask/offer help
     J. Confirm, qualify and contradict opinions
     K. Use and understand above and below perspectives
     L. Use and understand temporal sequencing
     M. Interrupt known and unknown people
     N. Use up to 300 signs with appropriate inflections
III. Grammar
    A. Use of all basic sentence types
    B. Descriptive classifiers
    C. Contrastive structure
    D. Descriptive sentences
    E. Numbers: clock, age, counting, money and ordinals
    F. Temporal sequencing
    G. Frequency inflections
    H. Ranking family members
    I. Spatial verbs
    J. Inflecting verbs
    K. Spatial referencing
    L. One character role shifting

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1.  Students use a Videotext and related Workbook, which contain all
   assignments. Ex: students view a conversation and answer questions
   from workbook.

Methods of Evaluation/Basis of Grade.
Writing: Assessment tools that demonstrate writing skill and/or require students to select, organize and explain ideas in writing.Writing
0 - 0%
This is a degree applicable course but assessment tools based on writing are not included because problem solving assessments and skill demonstrations are more appropriate for this course.
Problem solving: Assessment tools, other than exams, that demonstrate competence in computational or non-computational problem solving skills.Problem Solving
20 - 60%
Homework problems, Quizzes, Exams
Skill Demonstrations: All skill-based and physical demonstrations used for assessment purposes including skill performance exams.Skill Demonstrations
10 - 35%
Class performances, Performance exams
Exams: All forms of formal testing, other than skill performance exams.Exams
10 - 35%
Multiple choice, True/false, Completion
Other: Includes any assessment tools that do not logically fit into the above categories.Other Category
0 - 0%

Representative Textbooks and Materials:
Untitled document
and Smith. DawnSign Press, 1989. (Level one, Lessons 7-12 and review).

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