Evaluation Worksheet for Major Vocational Nursing to ADN
SID: ________________________________ Associate in Sciences - 2003
  Effective: Fall 2014
  Health Sciences
Name: ________________________________ (707) 527-4271

REQUIREMENTS: Complete 59.5 units

Nursing (ADN) Prerequisites Requirements - complete 21.0 units
CourseDescriptionUnitsCompletedIn ProgressComments
ANAT 1 General Human Anatomy5.0   
PHYSIO 1 Human Physiology5.0   
ENGL 1A College Composition4.0   
Complete a combination totaling at least 3.0 units from the following:
FDNT 62Nutrition and Diet Therapy3.0   
FDNT 10 andElementary Nutrition and3.0   
FDNT 162Diet Therapy for Healthcare2.0   
Complete any combination totaling at least 4.0 units from the following:
HLC 55 Medical Microbiology4.0   
MICRO 5 General Microbiology5.0   
MICRO 60 Fundamentals of Microbiology4.0   
Nursing (ADN) Board of Registered Nursing Requirements - complete 9.0 units
CourseDescriptionUnitsCompletedIn ProgressComments
Complete any combination totaling at least 3.0 units from the following:
COMM 5 Group Discussion and Problem Solving3.0   
COMM 7 Intercultural Communication3.0   
COMM 6 Interpersonal Communication3.0   
SPCH 1A Introduction to Public Speaking3.0   
SPCH 3A Introduction to Argumentation3.0   
SPCH 60 Communication Skills3.0   
Complete any combination totaling at least 3.0 units from the following:
PSYCH 1A General Psychology3.0   
PSYCH 4 Child and Adolescent Psychology3.0   
PSYCH 7 Theories of Personality3.0   
PSYCH 56 Aging, Dying and Death3.0   
Complete any combination totaling at least 3.0 units from the following:
ANTHRO 2 Cultural Anthropology3.0   
ANTHRO 21 American Folklore and Folklife3.0   
SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology3.0   
SOC 2 Modern Social Problems3.0   
SOC 10 Close Relationships and Family Life3.0   
SOC 30 Race and Ethnic Relations3.0   
Vocational Nursing to Nursing (ADN) Core Requirements - complete 29.5 units
CourseDescriptionUnitsCompletedIn ProgressComments
NR 74.1 Professionalism, Nursing Process and Therapy for VN to ADN1.0   
NR 74.2 Psychiatric Nursing For Career Ladder Students4.5   
NR 75C Nursing Care of the Acutely Ill, Perinatal, & Pediatric PT12.0   
NR 75D Advanced Care of Acutely Ill12.0   

It is important that students who are completing an Associate Degree and desire to transfer to a four-year institution meet with a counselor to plan their lower division coursework. While many majors at SRJC are intended to align with lower division major preparation required by California public universities, specific lower-division major requirements vary among individual campuses. See a counselor, visit the Transfer Center, and check Guides For Transfer in Specific Majors, and ASSIST to review transfer preparation guides for specific schools and majors.


CHEM 60 and BIO 10 are prerequisites to the Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology courses. Prerequisite science courses without an on campus laboratory component will not be accepted.

Because basic algebra is recommended for chemistry, students without basic algebra skills are advised to take Elementary Algebra.

Food & Nutrition and Psychology courses must be completed by the end of the first semester of the Nursing program.

Beginning with the class of Fall 2009, only college transferable reading and composition courses (English 1A or equivalent) will be accepted to fulfill the English prerequisite requirement. English 100 and English 100 ESL will no longer be accepted. This change is effective for students who apply Fall 2008 for the Fall 2009 ADN program.

The department recommends that students meet the math competency requirement for the Associate Degree prior to entering the program.

All courses taken in conjunction with this program must be completed with a grade of 'C' or better. (A C minus in prerequisite courses will not be accepted if the C minus is less than 70%.)

Updated 3/22/2007

    Evaluation worksheet completed upon receipt of Transfer Credit Evaluation form. Includes credit from other institutions only received to date.

    Evaluation worksheet completed for ________________________________. Includes all SRJC and transfer credit received to date.

Units completed:    __________
Units in progress:    __________
Total:    __________
    Requirements Completed
    Pending (work in progress)
    Requirements Not Completed



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