Evaluation Worksheet for Certificate Digital Media: 3D Modeling & Animation
SID: ________________________________ Certificate of Achievement - 3329
  Effective: Fall 2018
  Engineering and Applied Technology
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REQUIREMENTS: Complete 28.0 units

Digital Media: 3D Modeling & Animation Core Requirements - complete 28.0 units
CourseDescriptionUnitsCompletedIn ProgressComments
APTECH 43 Computer Modeling and Animation with 3D Studio Max3.0   
APTECH 162 3D Animation: Visual Effects and Compositing2.0   
APTECH 63 3D Animation: Modeling and Rigging4.0   
APTECH 64 3D Animation: Character Animation4.0   
APTECH 65 Advanced 3D Animation Workshop4.0   
APTECH 168 3D Animation: Introduction to Virtual Reality2.0   
ART 7A Drawing and Composition 13.0   
CS 74.11 Introduction to Digital Media3.0   
Complete any combination totaling at least 3.0 units from the following:
APTECH 46 Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting2.0   
ART 5 Three Dimensional Design3.0   
ART 69 Introduction to Cartooning and Sequential Art3.0   
CS 70.11A Adobe Photoshop 13.0   
CS 74.21A Digital Video Post-Production Techniques 11.5   
CS 74.21B Digital Video Post-Production Techniques 21.5   
CS 74.41A Game Design 13.0   
CS 74.41B Game Design 23.0   
CS 74.42A Game Development 13.0   
CS 74.42B Game Development 23.0   
CS 78.1 3D Printing3.0   
MEDIA 20 Introduction to Digital Filmmaking4.0   
MEDIA 22 Screenwriting3.0   
THAR 10A Introduction to Acting3.0   
THAR 10B Scene Study and Characterization3.0   

    Evaluation worksheet completed upon receipt of Transfer Credit Evaluation form. Includes credit from other institutions only received to date.

    Evaluation worksheet completed for ________________________________. Includes all SRJC and transfer credit received to date.

Units completed:    __________
Units in progress:    __________
Total:    __________
    Requirements Completed
    Pending (work in progress)
    Requirements Not Completed



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