Evaluation Worksheet for Certificate Agriculture Business Management
SID: ________________________________ Certificate of Achievement - 3224
  Effective: Fall 2015
  Agriculture & Natural Resources
Name: ________________________________ (707) 527-4408

REQUIREMENTS: Complete 21.0 units

Agriculture Business Management Requirements - complete 21.0 units
CourseDescriptionUnitsCompletedIn ProgressComments
AGBUS 2 Agricultural Computer Applications3.0   
AGBUS 7 Agricultural Economics3.0   
AGBUS 56 Introduction to Agriculture Business and Management3.0   
AGBUS 61 Agricultural Marketing3.0   
AGBUS 62 Agricultural Sales and Communication3.0   
Complete any combination totaling at least 6.0 units from the following:
AGBUS 71 Agricultural Accounting3.0   
AGBUS 107 Mathematical Applications in Agriculture3.0   
AGRI 20 Introduction to Plant Science3.0   
AGRI 50 Introduction to Agriculture Education3.0   
AGRI 60 Soil & Plant Nutrition3.0   
ANSCI 20 Basic Animal Science3.0   
ANSCI 26 Livestock Evaluation3.0   
ANSCI 27 Beef Cattle Science3.0   
ANSCI 28 Sheep Science3.0   
ANSCI 29 Dairy Cattle Industry/Dairy Cattle Science3.0   
ANSCI 61 Livestock Feeding and Nutrition3.0   
BAD 1 Financial Accounting4.0   
HORT 70 Plant Propagation3.0   

    Evaluation worksheet completed upon receipt of Transfer Credit Evaluation form. Includes credit from other institutions only received to date.

    Evaluation worksheet completed for ________________________________. Includes all SRJC and transfer credit received to date.

Units completed:    __________
Units in progress:    __________
Total:    __________
    Requirements Completed
    Pending (work in progress)
    Requirements Not Completed



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