Evaluation Worksheet for Certificate Social Work and Human Services: Advocacy
SID: ________________________________ Certificate of Achievement - 3196
  Effective: Fall 2024
Name: ________________________________ (707) 527-4289

REQUIREMENTS: Complete 34.5 units

Social Work and Human Services: Advocacy Core Requirements - complete 25.5 units
CourseDescriptionUnitsCompletedIn ProgressComments
COUN 7 Identity and Cultural Diversity3.0   
SWHS 80 Introduction to Addiction Studies3.0   
SWHS 90 Introduction to Social Work and Human Services3.0   
SWHS 91 Skills and Techniques in Social Work and Human Services3.0   
SWHS 93 Introduction to Case Management3.0   
SWHS 87 Ethical Issues in Social Work and Human Services3.0   
SWHS 88 Internship Practicum1.5   
SWHS 99I Social Work and Human Services Internship Work Experience3.0   
Complete any combination totaling at least 3.0 units from the following:
SWHS 92 Introduction to Group Counseling3.0   
SWHS 96 Co-Occurring Disorders3.0   
Advocacy Emphasis Requirements - complete 9.0 units
CourseDescriptionUnitsCompletedIn ProgressComments
SWHS 95 Advocating for Social Change3.0   
Complete any combination totaling at least 6.0 units from the following:
AJ 25 Community Relations3.0   
AJ 53 Juvenile Procedures3.0   
AJ 56 Crime and Criminal Justice in Society3.0   
AJ 71 Criminal Justice Interviewing & Counseling3.0   
ASL 1 Elementary American Sign Language - Part 14.0   
CHLD 10 Child Growth and Development3.0   
CHLD 53A Introduction to Children with Special Needs3.0   
CHLD 90.1 Child, Family, Community Interrelationships3.0   
COUN 20 Sex and Gender3.0   
HLC 160 Medical Terminology3.0   
PHIL 7 Contemporary Moral Issues3.0   
PSYCH 1A General Psychology3.0   
PSYCH 3 Human Sexuality3.0   
PSYCH 4 Child and Adolescent Psychology3.0   
PSYCH 5 Abnormal Psychology3.0   
PSYCH 7 Theories of Personality3.0   
PSYCH 30 Social Psychology3.0   
PSYCH 40 Introduction to Psychology of Gender3.0   
PSYCH 56 Aging, Dying and Death3.0   
RELS 2 World Religions3.0   
SOC 2 Modern Social Problems3.0   
SOC 30 Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality3.0   
SWHS 81 Prevention and Education on Addiction3.0   
SWHS 82 Pharmacological & Physiological Effects of Addiction3.0   
SWHS 83 Family Systems in Addiction Studies3.0   
SWHS 92 Introduction to Group Counseling3.0   
SWHS 96 Co-Occurring Disorders3.0   

It is important that students who are completing an Associate Degree and desire to transfer to a four-year institution meet with a counselor to plan their lower division coursework. While many majors at SRJC are intended to align with lower division major preparation required by California public universities, specific lower-division major requirements vary among individual campuses. See a counselor, visit the Transfer Center, and check Guides For Transfer in Specific Majors, and ASSIST to review transfer preparation guides for specific schools and majors.


It is strongly recommended that students complete SWHS 88 and SWHS 99I in the final semester of taking the core requirements. SWHS 92 and SWHS 96 can only count once.

    Evaluation worksheet completed upon receipt of Transfer Credit Evaluation form. Includes credit from other institutions only received to date.

    Evaluation worksheet completed for ________________________________. Includes all SRJC and transfer credit received to date.

Units completed:    __________
Units in progress:    __________
Total:    __________
    Requirements Completed
    Pending (work in progress)
    Requirements Not Completed



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