Evaluation Worksheet for Certificate Entrepreneurship
SID: ________________________________ Certificate of Achievement - 3005
  Effective: Fall 2013
Name: ________________________________ (707) 527-4235

REQUIREMENTS: Complete 12.0 units

Entrepreneurship Program Requirements - complete 9.0 units
CourseDescriptionUnitsCompletedIn ProgressComments
BMG 100 Entrepreneurial Business Plan3.0   
BMK 50 Marketing3.0   
BMG 103 Communications for Start-Ups1.5   
BMG 104 Innovation, Creativity, and Change1.5   
Entrepreneurship Program Course Electives - complete 3.0 units
CourseDescriptionUnitsCompletedIn ProgressComments
Complete any combination totaling at least 3.0 units from the following:
BMG 105 Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability1.5   
BMG 66.1 Decision Making1.0   
BMG 66.3 Financial Basics1.0   
BMG 66.4 Project Management1.0   
BBK 53.1 QuickBooks Level 11.5   

    Evaluation worksheet completed upon receipt of Transfer Credit Evaluation form. Includes credit from other institutions only received to date.

    Evaluation worksheet completed for ________________________________. Includes all SRJC and transfer credit received to date.

Units completed:    __________
Units in progress:    __________
Total:    __________
    Requirements Completed
    Pending (work in progress)
    Requirements Not Completed



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