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Fall 2014 Bulletin

Spring 2015 Bulletin
Spring 2014 > Category > Culture & History
Architecture: the Mirror of the Times

Sect: 9114
Tue. February 4-18, 7:00 PM-9:00 PM
4245 Frank P. Doyle Library, Santa Rosa Campus
Fee: $80.00
Bring pen & paper to class. The north door is programmed to be open, off Elliott Ave – closest to the crosswalk, for access to the classrooms. Students will need to enter & exit through the north door. Media Services usually posts signs for the event in their lobby or on the front sliders, with a map directing students to the north door. There is no direct access to the restrooms on the first floor after 6:30pm and there is no access at all after 7:00pm, when the Tutorial Center closes. Students will need to exit (and re-enter) the building through the north door and either use restrooms in Bertolini or those on the second floor of the library, which closes at 9:00pm.
Presented by: 
Wm. Mark Parry, AIA, CSI, SAH
Copyright 2004 Santa Rosa Junior College. All rights reserved.