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Fall 2014 Bulletin

Spring 2015 Bulletin
Spring 2014 > Category > Financial Planning & Fundraising
Money Mind Training: Waking Up Your Financial Life

Sect: 9016
Tue. April 22-May 13, 6:00 PM-8:00 PM
4245 Frank P. Doyle Library, Santa Rosa Campus
Fee: $108.00
Bring pen, paper & open mind. The north door is programmed to be open, off Elliott Ave - closest to the crosswalk, for access to the classrooms. For classes that start at 6:00pm students will be able to enter through the front sliders but they will need to exit through the north door. There is no direct access to the restrooms on the first floor after 6:30pm and there is not access at all after 7:00pm, when the Tutorial Center Closes. Students will need to exit (and re-enter) the building through the north door and either use restrooms in Bertolini or those on the second floor of the library, which closes at 9:00pm.
Presented by: 
Spencer Sherman, CEO, MBA, CFP
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