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Fall 2014 Bulletin

Spring 2015 Bulletin
Summer 2013 > Category > Food & Wine
Fundamentals of Making Fermented Foods

Sect: 9451
Sun. August 4, 11:00 AM-3:00 PM
4923 B. Robert Burdo Culinary Arts Center, Santa Rosa Campus
Fee: $102.00 (includes $15.00 of materials)
Course includes recipes and an introductory discussion on fermenting food and simple beverages at home utilizing foundational methods. Made-ahead samples will be tasted. Jars are included. Bring insulated container to take items home. Dress requirements for kitchen mailed upon registration (or emailed to online registrants when an email address is provided). Please call (707) 527-4372 if not received.
Presented by: 
Mary Karlin
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